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December 12, 2018

According to a study by internet research group Nielsen Norman, 90 percent of people prefer to receive updates via a regular newsletter, compared to 10 percent who like to stay in the know by logging on to social media. Email marketing is one of the best ways for law firms to keep in touch with their clients.

A newsletter is an affordable way to reach a lot of people, as well as being a great chance to show off your firm’s expertise and personality and keep it at the forefront of your clients’ minds.  However, many lawyers struggle to come up with law firm newsletter ideas. In this article, we are going to cover 15 ideas for creating an effective and informative internet newsletter for lawyers.

Why most legal newsletters miss the mark

Let’s face it — lawyer newsletters are boring because most lawyers write in a highly complex way and use a lot of jargon that goes over the head of the average reader.

Save it for the courtroom. Your current or potential clients may enjoy keeping up to date with your firm’s activities, but if they can’t understand what you’re talking about, they will probably get frustrated and click on to their next email or even unsubscribe.

The people on your mailing list must give their express consent for you to send them legal marketing materials. That alone almost guarantees that they’ll be interested in hearing from you, but to grab their attention, you need to fill your attorney newsletter with content that is interesting and easy to digest.

For example, do you think your clients or prospects would be interested to read something like this?

“I do hereby for myself and my heirs executors administrators and assigns guarantee to you and your heirs executors administrators and assigns and the owner of the premises for the time being the punctual payment of the said rent payable by the tenant and any reduced rent or as same may be varied by law and for mesne rates that may accrue due until full clear and legal possession of the said premises shall be delivered up and I agree to indemnify you and your heirs executors administrators and assigns and the owner of the said premises for the time being from all loss damage done…”

This text is from a real document written by a real lawyer. It may make sense to other lawyers, but the average reader isn’t likely to understand it at all.

The aim of your legal newsletter is to demonstrate your expertise in a way that the layman will understand. You need to create easy-to-read, informative content that is well-researched and relevant to your readership. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some great law firm newsletter ideas.

Law firm newsletter ideas

If you’re wondering how to create an effective newsletter, you’re bound to find plenty of useful information in this article. Here are 15 of our best ideas for creating an interesting and easy-to-understand legal newsletter.

1. Case studies

Real-life stories fascinate people and telling your clients and prospects about your success is a great way to demonstrate your skill and expertise. To abide by client confidentiality regulations, you will have to refrain from using the real names of those involved and possibly use a little creative license with other factual details.

Marketing the law firm newsletter this way, you can effectively use a powerful channel like email marketing to show your target audience that you are working to help change your clients’ lives for the better.

2. Frequently asked questions

Most lawyers hear the same questions every day. That may get a little tedious at times, but it’s something you can use to your advantage when you’re preparing your attorney newsletter.

Rather than addressing everyone separately, collate your most commonly asked questions and create an FAQ to include in your newsletter. With this approach, you are providing a free educational resource, displaying your value, and showing clients and prospects that you care at the same time.

Frequently asked questions law firm newsletter ideas

You can also use special software like to share your FAQ on social media. Ask social media readers to submit their email address and opt-in to receiving further marketing material from you to access your FAQ.

That means more addresses for your email database, turning followers into subscribers and further enriching your law firm email marketing campaign.

3. Listicles

Listicles can be a fun and informative addition to internet newsletters for lawyers. A listicle presents content in a numbered list format and has become an increasingly popular way to share information in the digital age.

They’re a flexible way to present content in your law firm email newsletter, whether you’re writing a light-hearted blog post or an information-packed article. Start by narrowing your topic. For instance, we called this article “15 Law Firm Newsletter Ideas.” It’s a listicle — we practice what we preach!

4. Newsjacking

If you see a legal situation crop up in the news, being proactive and putting your two cents in is an excellent law firm newsletter idea.

You can describe the legalities of the situation and advise your readership what to do if they are affected, how to collect evidence, and where to take it. You could even say your firm provides free legal advice for those affected by the issue.

It also works well on social media. You could share the source of the news using a handy tool like Sniply and add a call to action. Move quickly to capitalize on current trends that may relate to your practice area.

Newsjacking is another great way of marketing the law firm newsletter. Using a bit of imagination, you can turn current trends into highly relevant content for your law firm newsletter.

5. Changes in the law

If a change in the law is going to affect your target audience, be the first to make them aware of it through your attorney newsletter. For example, you might warn your readers that new insurance laws are coming into effect.

Explain the update as simply as possible. Make it easy to understand, with no legal jargon and no sentences containing more than a hundred words. Provide specific examples of how this new law will affect certain groups of people.

It may be one of the more laborious options on this list, but nobody said writing a well-organized and engaging internet newsletter for lawyers would be easy!

6. Contests and giveaways

If your law firm is hosting a scholarship, your attorney newsletter is a great place to promote it. You can also run contests and giveaways to keep your readers engaged.

A benefit of this approach is that you may get backlinks from the websites of educational institutions. These may significantly increase your website authority and ranking because “edu” domains have greater influence than others.

7. Informational videos

More and more people are preferring to consume information by watching videos instead of reading. Record a video version of your newsletter and embed it. The text for your legal newsletter for clients can serve as a script for the video, giving your audience the option to consume the content in a variety of ways.

Alternatively, you can create a multimedia newsletter featuring text broken up with videos to help keep your readers engaged. It gives them the opportunity to take a short break and consume content passively for a moment before they continue reading.

8. Guides and downloads

When you’re considering law firm newsletter ideas, don’t forget about downloads. Your attorney newsletter should include links to free informational guides and other pieces of relevant content.

You could also share these guides on social media, requiring that readers leave an email address and opt-in for your marketing to be able to access them — another potential client for your email database.

You can add links to relevant guides at the end of each issue. Giving away this kind of content shows your investment in building a real connection with your clients and not just trying to sell to them.

9. Infographics

Infographics are a brilliant form of law firm email marketing, boiling down large amounts of detailed information and displaying it in an eye-catching format that is easy for your readers to digest.

Very few lawyers are using infographics in their attorney email marketing strategy. By doing so, you could set yourself apart from your competition and create a new marketing trend in the industry.

If an infographic is exceptionally well-designed, it could even comprise the entire body of your law firm newsletter. When it comes to social media for lawyers, one of the biggest advantages of infographics is that they are highly shareable. If done right, your infographic might go viral.

Here are a few examples of what your infographics might look like.

10. Make them laugh

Include a funny story or law-related joke that your audience will appreciate. It’s a good way to give your legal newsletters for clients the human touch via a brief piece of easily digestible content.

No doubt, you and your team have found yourselves in some hilarious situations in the office or court. You can share these stories with your legal newsletter subscribers, changing names and some of the facts to protect the identities of those involved.

Make them laugh attorney email marketing

These stories will not only make your readers laugh, but they will also show them that, despite working in a very serious, straight-laced, highly professional industry, you are human beings who love to laugh and don’t take yourselves too seriously.

If you can’t think of any funny situations you want to share with your readership, make something up, or look to the internet for inspiration. The web is full of hilarious jokes and stories about law firms that you can repurpose for your newsletter.

11. Content roundup

When you generate a constant stream of informative, well-written articles, you will quickly accumulate a large amount of great content.

Gather your best-performing articles and put them into your law firm newsletter. If you post more than once a week, you should have more than enough content to create a law firm monthly newsletter. If you’re posting several pieces of content every day, you may have enough for a weekly issue.

We usually send a newsletter once a week for the law firms we work with. Then, once a quarter, we accumulate all the best lawyer’s newsletters into one special bumper issue. Because many of the law firms we work with practice more than one area of law, we create separate quarterly newsletters for each sector.

If you’re struggling to produce content for your newsletter, don’t hesitate to contact Lasting Trend for advice. We’ll be happy to help.

12. A letter from the CEO

Many of your readers would love to hear from the person in charge, no matter how briefly. A letter from the CEO of your law firm could thank customers for their support, set out company goals for the coming year, or introduce a new product or service.

Perhaps schedule letters from the CEO to tie in with holidays like Thanksgiving or Labor Day. Alternatively, include one in each of your quarterly roundup issues.

13. Social media

If you want to conquer a new social media platform like Snapchat, Instagram, or Reddit, you can use your legal newsletter to let people know about your online presence and any other part of your law firm marketing strategy you want to draw attention to.

Write a paragraph or two, provide a link, and tell your readers why they should follow you. Don’t forget to check out our guide on social media for law firms.

14. Business developments

Are you planning to extend your legal practice? Perhaps you’re about to open an office in a new area, you’ve hired a new lawyer, or you’re branching out into a new area of law. Whatever the development, your law firm newsletter is the perfect way to announce it to your target audience.

If you’re opening a new office, tell your readership where it’s going to be, when it will open, and which members of your team will be moving there. If the expansion is going to allow you to tackle other areas of law, shout it from the rooftops.

If you recently made a new hire, feature them in your legal newsletter. Where do they come from? Where were they educated? What is their legal background? Which area of law do they specialize in? Every person has a story to tell.

Your task is to make the news interesting, increase awareness about your law firm, and engage your community with your law firm newsletters.

15. Community spirit

Another strategy in creating an effective internet newsletter for lawyers is providing help and support to those who need it in your area. Show your former, current, and potential clients that you give back to your local community.

Perhaps you’ve dedicated one day a month to help people in a shelter, bought a special piece of equipment for a hospital, donated a wheelchair to a person with a disability, or taken part in a blood drive. Philanthropy has no limits.

You can humanize your business and show how much you care about the people in your city. Include pictures of your team having fun and making a positive change in the community. It could have a significant impact on many of your readers.

These 15 tips are the tip of the iceberg. We have many more ideas on how to make your legal newsletter informative, memorable, and fun.

If you’re already releasing regular legal newsletters but not seeing any results, contact Lasting Trend for professional help.

BONUS: Guidelines for writing an attorney newsletter

Having all the right law firm newsletter ideas in place is an important step on the road to success. However, don’t forget your newsletter should also lay it out in an easy-to-read and attractive way.

First, let’s go through what makes an eye-catching legal newsletter. Here are some must-have design elements for your newsletter.

Must-have elements

Every issue of your newsletter should include:

  • A professional header, including your firm’s name and logo
  • The title of the newsletter
  • High-quality pictures and quotes to break up longer passages of text
  • A section to promote your best blog posts, past and present
  • A link to your firm’s blog
  • Contact information — phone number, address, website, email, social media
  • A legal disclaimer – readers mustn’t misconstrue your content as legal advice.

Overall design

A legal newsletter must be well-organized so that it doesn’t overwhelm the reader. It should be easy to skim, allowing your clients and prospects to find what interests them the most. Here are some basic legal design elements you need to consider.

  • Consistent color scheme — Brand your newsletter in accordance with the overall color scheme your law firm uses for its website and logo. For example, if your logo is black and red, use those colors in your newsletter. Keep your newsletter’s color scheme consistent for each issue.
  • Logo size — Make sure your logo is visible but unobtrusive. Use a high-quality image file to avoid a lack of detail when your readers zoom in.
  • Font consistency — Your newsletter should feature easily legible and professional-looking fonts like Helvetica or Times New Roman. Use a maximum of two different fonts in your newsletter — one for the main bodies of text and another for headings and sub-headings. Many published texts use a 12-point serif font for body text and larger, bolded sans-serif fonts for headings.
  • Vertical layout — Lay your newsletter out vertically. This kind of layout will make your newsletter far easier to read, especially considering how many of your readers are likely to be viewing your newsletter on a smartphone or tablet.

Overall, it’s a good idea to tie your newsletter design in with your firm’s branding, and your website should also match this design very closely. Check out our guide on law firm website design for some more advice and tips.

Newsletter content

To utilize your legal newsletter most effectively, you should release issues regularly and fill them with well-written, properly researched content. Here are some pointers on how to best manage your newsletter and the type of content you should be including.

  • Include content that is relevant to your prospective customersA survey by Nielsen Norman Group found that two-thirds of respondents appreciate newsletters that are informative and keep them up-to-date on the things that interest them.
  • Use plain language — Your newsletter is not the place to show off your deep understanding of complex legal terms. Use words and phrases that a high-schooler could understand. Explain cases and legal issues in as simple terms as you can. Your readers shouldn’t have to Google every other word. You can use a tool like Hemingway to check your newsletter’s readability. For help proofreading your newsletter for errors, use a program like Grammarly. Here’s an interesting article about legal writing and ways you can improve.
  • Concise and scannableAccording to a Nielsen Norman study, readers spend an average of 51 seconds scanning through a newsletter after opening it. Your newsletter needs to be eye-catching enough to grab their interest during this short window. Make it attractive and break up your content with subheadings, images, infographics, and lists.
  • Minimize sales hype — You want your readership to know they can count on you if they have any legal troubles, but you don’t want your newsletter to read like a selling tool. Your newsletter should be a helpful resource that adds value to your readers. Your clients and prospects are likely to be more responsive to someone who is trying to educate them, rather than trying to sell something. Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise will be more attractive than a sales pitch.
  • Keep a consistent release schedule — Work out a release schedule for your newsletter and stick to it. You should send out each issue to your readership on the same day each month, week, or quarter. Your audience will expect and look forward to receiving your newsletter, so it’s important to keep to a schedule. If you find yourself unable to manage the schedule you’ve created, feel free to change it and make it less demanding — i.e., once a month instead of once a week or quarterly instead of monthly.


Q: Why is a legal newsletter important?

A: To successfully market your law firm, it is crucial that you remain in constant contact with your clients, prospects, and followers. An email newsletter is an excellent way of doing exactly that.

Q: What does a newsletter do?

A: Newsletters help to build relationships with customers through regular communication and valuable information. Legal articles that provide helpful tips and demonstrate expertise show your clients how your law firm can help them.

Q: How do you write a newsletter?

A: Provide content worth reading. Grab the reader’s interest with your choice of headings. Establish trust and write for your audience, not for yourselves. Keep it simple and maintain a regular release schedule.

Q: What is a newsletter used for?

A: Your firm can use a newsletter to advertise new products and services or communicate new ideas and events to its subscribers. With a regular newsletter, businesses can easily connect with shareholders, clients, prospects, employees, and other members of the community.

Q: How do you create a newsletter?

A: First, figure out your goal for your newsletter. Then gather your content and design your template. Add in body text, images, and smart content before personalizing it in accordance with your brand image. Make sure you proofread all your content and keep fonts and other design elements consistent across the entire document.

Q: How do we send it out?

A: The market is full of free or low-cost ways to automate the distribution of professional-looking emails and view a range of interesting data like how many recipients opened your email, how many opened the newsletter, and more. Each provider is a little different, but they all provide roughly the same kind of product.

The most popular programs are MailChimp, Benchmark, Campaigner, and Mailjet. Most vendors offer a free trial. MailChimp even provides a free service for those with fewer than 2,000 subscribers.

Q: Who should we send it to?

A: To stay out of trouble with the state bar and avoid spam complaints, be choosy when creating your newsletter email list. Sending to your entire contact list isn’t a good idea because it may contain the addresses of people who haven’t given their express consent to receive marketing correspondence from you.

Send your law firm newsletter to those with whom you have a pre-existing, professional relationship like:

  • Clients
  • Former clients
  • Lawyers and other professionals in your network

We appreciate that your hectic schedule may not permit you much time to mull over law firm newsletter ideas. If you’re struggling to find the time to deal with marketing, you can always draft in a digital marketing agency for lawyers like Lasting Trend. We can help you with the strategy, design, and distribution of your marketing efforts, including your law firm email newsletter.

If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, check out this case study of one of our law firm clients. Lasting Trend can be your firm’s trusted partner for all its marketing needs. Schedule a free consultation with us and let us begin formulating a tailor-made marketing strategy that can help put your firm on the map.

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